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Suzanne has visited hundreds of schools. She has traveled to Oregon, California, Texas, Arizona, Florida, Montana, New York, New Mexico, Illinois (and more) and even to Germany to meet students and share her love of writing. To schedule an in-person or virtual visit for the 2024-25 school year, pease scroll down for more information.

  In-Person School Visits




(45-55 minutes)

You and your students have just read a book and you loved it! You do some research about the author and her inspiration but a big mystery remains - How does it actually happen? How does a spark of an idea become the physical book we hold in our hands?

With lots of props and images, Suzanne will take you behind the scenes of one of her books. (You choose which one.) From the magical moment when the idea takes roots to the moment when the finished books arrive in stores, it's a journey fraught with rejection, misery, elation, triumph, laughter and tears - it's all the stuff of great drama! 

Secrets will be revealed: Which covers does Suzanne love and which covers does she hate? How many people does it take to create a book and why are most of them so far away? Is writing always fun or does it sometimes break her heart? What happens when another country wants to publish her book but she can't speak the language? 

And why, after going through the process thirty-four times, does Suzanne still say that it's the best job in the world?

WORKSHOPS (30-45 minutes)

Suzanne can customize writing workshops for your students, based upon grade level and writing topic that teachers might want covered. Just let her know what you'd like.

"After your visit, I went to lunch and wrote my own story." Logan, 3rd grade.

"Everyone loved that you made the day so personal and that the kids could see themselves as writers just like you!" Laura Berry, Newcastle Librarian

"Both you and your presentation exceeded my expectations. It is a rare combination to find that the person behind the books one loves is as endearing in person as one might wish." Deanna Barber, St. John's Librarian.



School Visit Rates



Single assembly and book signing time. Western WA schools only.


Half Day at the school. This includes two presentations and book signing time. These presentations should be scheduled back-to-back so that she is either at your school for the morning or for the afternoon. 

$2,000 THE BIG DAY

Suzanne will spend the entire day at your school. Three presentations, meet with a special group and book signing time.

Out-of-state visits (Not WA) or those requiring a long drive time or airplane travel will add travel costs.

Suzannes dresses up with primary students 4.11.24.jpg

To inquire about or to book an in-person school visit, contact Suzanne directly at

Virtual Visits

Virtual visits are an easy way to connect your students with an author. Suzanne visits with classrooms all over the world!

20 Minute Visit - Free, as long as your students have read at least one of Suzanne's books and you are willing to give your students an order form for personalized, signed books. (Order form supplied by Suzanne's local bookstore and books are shipped directly to your classroom. No minimum required on the orders)

40 Minute Visit - $200. Same details as above.

"The Skype with us was so exciting my head was about to pop off!"

Connor, 4th Grade

To inquire about a Virtual Visit, please fill out the form below.

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