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For more information about each book, please visit that book's individual page listed in the dropdown menu.

Wedgie and Gizmo Series

THE WEDGIE & GIZMO SERIES Funny adventures of an evil genius guinea pig and a superhero corgi. Heavily Illustrated. 176 Pages Lexile Measure 550

Fortune's Magic Farm

FORTUNE'S MAGIC FARM Heartwarming magical adventure with quirky characters. 304 Pages Lexile Measure 680

The Spirit Riding Free Books

SPIRIT RIDING FREE BOOKS Based on the Netflix series, adventure stories set in the wild west. 272 Pages


WISH UPON A SLEEPOVER When Leilani's sleepover invitations are sent to the "do NOT invite" list, the unexpected happens. 224 Pages Lexile Measure 600

The Sweetest Spell

A fairy tale for older readers, ages 12 +.

The Smells Like Dog Series

SMELLS LIKE DOG SERIES (3 Books) Funny adventures with a treasure-smelling dog. 384 Pages Lexile Measure 670

The Imaginary Veterinary Series

THE IMAGINARY VETERINARY SERIES (6 Books) Two kids apprentice in a secret hospital for imaginary creatures. Illustrated. 240 Pages Lexile Measure 620

To Catch a Mermaid

TO CATCH A MERMAID Funny story of an ill-tempered merbaby and the kids who find her. 272 Pages Lexile Measure 770

The Ever After High Books

EVER AFTER HIGH SERIES (7 Books) Based on the Ever After High Netflix show about the kids of fairy tale characters. 224 Pages Lexile Measure 640

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