4th graders act out a scene from Fortune's Magic Farm.

Whether your school is following the new common core standards or not, there are many ways to bring Suzanne's stories into your classroom. Click on the series or book to find downloadable lessons, creative writing prompts, activity sheets and more.

The Imaginary Veterinary Series

The Sasquatch Escape
Middle Grade, Accelerated Reading Level 4.2
4 point quiz, 630 Lexile Measure

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Common Core Classroom Ready Guide: Common-Core Connections-Third Grade Focus

IMAGINARY VETERINARY Downloadable Worksheets (PDF)
(All downloads require Adobe Reader 9 or later)

Creature Connection: Sasquatch
(This worksheet covers the origins of the sasquatch and includes creative writing and art prompts.)

Creature Connection: Wyvern
(This worksheet covers the origins of the wyvern dragon, and includes creative writing and art prompts.)

Science Connection: Dragon's Milk
(Discusses the differences between mammals and reptiles, with creative writing prompts.)



Click for the downloadable kit that contains party ideas, discussion questions, games, and more!


Art Activity for Order of the Unicorn:
Make a fire-breathing firefly!

Instructions: Create with a plastic bottle, glow-in-the-dark paint, pipe cleaner legs, googly eyes, tissue paper wings. Works as a fun nightlight!

Smells Like Dog Series
Middle Grade, Accelerated Reading Level 4.3, 10 Point Quiz, 670 Lexile Measure

: Pirates, Coins of the world, King Tut, Homer and the Odyssey, Map-reading, Treasure-Hunting, How to read a Compass, Galileo, Basset hounds, Tortoises, Goats, Farm life vs. City life
Art Activities:

• Create a map of your school. Include a directional key. If you were going to hide a treasure at your school, where would you hide it? Mark that location on the map.

• Create a geocache treasure box out of a plastic tub or jar. Have your classmates bring a little object to put inside. Register your treasure and join the fun at www.geocaching.com

SMELLS LIKE DOG Downloadable Worksheets (PDF)
(All downloads require Adobe Reader 9 or later)

Vocabulary Worksheet

Word Hunt

Treasure Essay Question

Dog Maze

Make a Bookmark

Science Activites (Courtesy of Janet McGillivray)

Make Your Own Cloud
Materials: wide mouth jar, boiling water, ice cubes, popsicle sticks
Fill the bottom of the jar with boiling water. Make a grid on the top of the jar with popsicle sticks. Place ice cubes on the grid. Fog will develop between the boiling water and ice cubes making a cloud. (You might add googly eyes to the jar so it looks like a cloud with eyeballs.)
Make You Own Compass
Materials: sewing needle, cup of water, magnet, one inch square of construction paper
Rub the sewing needle many times from top to bottom along the magnet. Be sure to go only in one direction. Place the construction paper on the water so it floats. Place the needle on the construction paper. The needle will rotate to point north. You can compare this to a store bought compass to verify the direction.

To Catch A Mermaid
Middle Grade, Accelerated Reading Level 5, 8 Point Quiz, 77OL Lexile Measure

: Ocean Life, Islands, Norwegian Culture, Vikings, Grief and Loss, Mythological Creatures, Secret Societies, What makes a person a hero?
Art Activities:

• Mermaids are part fish, part human. Draw a picture of your own fantasy creature. Name it and write a paragraph describing it.

• Draw a board game of Boom's adventure. Begin at his house on Fairweather Island, include stops at the principal's office, the pet store, the Viking Hall and end at Whale Fin Island.

TO CATCH A MERMAID Downloadable Worksheets (PDF)
(All downloads require Adobe Reader 9 or later)

Descriptive Vocabulary Worksheet

Mermaid Maze

Heritage Essay Question

Fortune's Magic Farm
Middle Grade, Accelerated Reading Level 4.6, 8 Point Quiz, 680L Lexile Measure

: Poetry, The Environment, Global Warming, Sunshine, Rain, Marmots, Slugs, Elephant Seals, Factory Work, Family, Magic
Art Activities:

• In Fortune's Magic Farm, Isabelle encounters Cloud Clover, Floating Fronds, and Love Apples. Draw a picture of your own magical plant. Write a paragraph describing it.

• Give the gift of sunshine by planting sunflower seeds in a small container. Make a tag that says "Here's some sunshine for a rainy day."

FORTUNE'S MAGIC FARM Downloadable Worksheets (PDF)
(All downloads require Adobe Reader 9 or later)

Ocean Essay Question

Scientific Vocabulary Worksheet

Saving Juliet

Accelerated Reading Level 4.5, 9 point quiz
650 Lexile Measure

Letter from 14-year-old Brianna: "Dear Mrs. Selfors, Yesterday I finished reading your newest book Saving Juliet and I LOVED it! We are currently being forced to read Romeo and Juliet in Language Arts and your story brought a whole new light to it. It really brought the characters to life."

Saving Juliet was featured in the article:
Old Tales Made New Again: Shakespeare's Place in Young Adult Literature

Most 9th graders in the U.S. will read Romeo and Juliet. As a teacher, how do you convince your students that a story written in 1594, a story that contains no vampires, is worth their time?
How do you make them understand that before Bella and Edward took up residence in the damp forests of Forks, Wa, Romeo and Juliet were the two most famous teenagers in the world?

Some of your students will embrace Shakespeare’s language, and thank God for them. But many won’t. Many will think Shakespearean English sounds like Klingon and they’ll miss connecting to a couple of Italian kids who want the same things they want – to make their own choices, to not be ruled by their parents, to speak their own minds.

My book, Saving Juliet, is a fun way to introduce your students to Shakespeare’s play, either as an assigned book or as an extra-credit option.

SAVING JULIET Downloadable Worksheets (PDF)
(All downloads require Adobe Reader 9 or later)

Writing Exercises Worksheet